These glass teapots are a beautiful, easy way to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea. Each small teapot can hold 400ml of water and features a removable glass infuser. Fill this with loose leaf tea, fill the teapot with water, and then be pour directly into your cup without the need for a strainer as the infuser doesn't allow any tea leaves to escape into the water. 


Perfect to take along to a gothic picnic or when you just want to display a particularly beautiful blend!


Made of premium boron silicate glass, each teapot is crystal clear and stronger than any common glass. 


To make the perfect cup of tea with your teapot:


* Remove the glass infuser and fill with the desired amount of tea leaves

* Fill your teapot with boiled water that has been allowed to cool for a few minutes (boiling water burns tea leaves thus spoiling the full flavour!)

* Replace the glass infuser and allow your leaves to infuse before pouring straight from your teapot to your cup

Glass Teapot & Infuser - 400ml

  • We now include one cups worth of a free tea sample with every order. This will be chosen by ourselves based on your order, or you may request a particular sample in the note section when you place your order. We are unable to send out free samples to non-customers at this time.