**Now with added ghosts too! Shown in the product photos**


Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange... Spookshow is a deliciously spooky blend of high grown Ceylon tea, warming spices and a hint of orange. This decadent blend is then finished with edible black bats and orange pumpkins. Once hot water is added they dissolve and, like all fiendish ghouls, disappear into thin air. This tea has a beautiful aroma of ginger & spices with a hint of orange. Trick or treat? This is definitely a treat.


Options available

1. Small pouch - 50g (approx. 20 tsp) - Choose with or without 5 biodegradable self-fill teabags

2. Large pouch - 100g (approx. 40 tsp) - Choose with or without 10 biodegradable self-fill teabags


The two different pouch sizes are shown in the photos, as well as one of the self-fill tea bags.

Before use, please ensure you turn your bag of Spookshow upside down a few times as the spices can settle to the bottom of the bag.


Ingredients: Luxury black tea, ginger, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel, clove, black pepper. Bats/Pumpkins/Ghosts: sugar, rice flour, cocoa butter, thickener (Tragacanth) and natural colours (vegetable carbon, carotenes, beetroot red)


Vegan friendly!


Brewing instructions

* Add fresh, boiled water that is left to cool for 2 - 3 minutes (boiling water burns tea and stops it releasing its full flavour) to your teapot

* Measure out roughly 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea for every one 230ml cup of water

* Infuse tea for 3 to 6 minutes to taste before pouring. Enjoy as an infused black tea or add milk.


Nut Allergies

Please be aware that the facilities we use to produce and package our teas are not 100% nut free. Therefore, there is always a risk of a nut cross-contamination, however much we try to mitigate against this. If you have a nut allergy we recommend that you do not drink our teas.



Your loose leaf tea will be sent to you in one of our beautiful food-grade pouches as pictured, which are resealable and able to stand upright on display on your kitchen counter.


Our Teabags

Our self-fill tea bags are 100% biodegradable and home compostable. They also boast zero plastic content, are unbleached, and feature a 100% natural cotton drawstring.


Got a question? Read our FAQ page here.

Spookshow - Spooky Spiced Chai

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